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The Won West

by Michael Grace-Martin

In August, 2011, Michael Grace-Martin took during a road trip with his family through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota for approximately 2.5 weeks. He found the light, colors, architecture, and terrain to be very different than those found in Upstate New York where he and his family live.

This trip got him thinking about that epic American film, “How the West Was Won” which follows four generations of a family that moved westward from western New York state to the Pacific Ocean. Since “winning” the West, what have we done with it?

This book showcases his photographic journey through the “Won West”.

“Going through this book is like sipping a fine wine aged to perfection.” — reviewer

(There are 152 high-resolution color, black & white, and sepia photos featured in this book.)

See a low resolution preview of the ebook below (without the captions that are in the ebook):

The eBook is available in PDF format for $6.00.

Visit Michael's Art Photography Portfolio at SaatchiArt.com!