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  1. B. Thomas Diener said:

    Dear Mike,
    Sorry to bother you, but since I’m unable to get onto Sarah Ellis’ website at this time because it’s not online at this moment; could you please send me her email ad-
    dress? I would deeply appreciate it if you did. Thank you.
    Also, she is a very ravishing, sultry, and sexy young brunette. I would like to see
    about hiring her in the not too distant future to do a very artistic and non explicit nude
    photo shoot with her. I’m still trying to break into the glamour photography profes-
    sion. Her email address would be helpful in this area.
    Well I had better be going so thank you and goodnight.


    B. Thomas Diener

    • Thomas,

      I believe she’s getting out of the modeling “business”. To respect her privacy, I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving out the email address I have for her. (I’m not sure it still works anyway.)

      Good luck shooting with other models!


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