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I have been taking photos at the Ithaca Festival parade since I owned my first serious digital camera (in 2003). Some years I’ve taken lots of photos; other years, I’ve taken only a few (e.g., less than 30). This year, all my family members had other things they wanted to do during the parade. So for the first time ever, I went to the parade by myself.

Unlike my photographer pal who was an official festival photographer, I stood in one place on the parade route while he wandered around the whole time. It’s kind of ironic, because usually I like to wander around continuously at events while photographing. But I’ve photographed the parade from one location so often over the years (because I’m usually sitting in one spot with my family), I guess it just seemed the “natural” thing to do..:p.

Just after the parade, I walked around a bit and took some candid shots. I also took a few crowd candids the next day during a short walk through the festival. I’ll include some of the latter candids after the parade photos for the heck of it.


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