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I’ve taken some photos at small county fairs in the past, but have often thought I should go to the large (a.k.a. “Great”) New York State fair held in Syracuse each year.

Well, this year I got my chance and drove up on the very last day ($1 admission day; also, Labor Day) to walk through for a couple of hours before coming back home for the local fireworks display I go to each year with my family.

The day was hot and crowded…presumably due to the regular $10 admission being only $1, and also because it was a holiday that many have off of work. Initially I found the heat and crowds off-putting; but I tried to remember that this combination made for better photos and that’s what I was there for…(!)

So here now are some of the photos–in approximately chronological order–I took during my 2+ hour jaunt through the hot & crowded Syracuse fairgrounds…:).

(click a thumbnail to see the photos large and in slide show format..)

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