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New York Edited: Twelve Stories from the City is a book containing the work of 12 different photographers from the International Center of Photography’s class of 2011, and edited by the photo editors’ class 2011/2012 at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin.

This combination of having twelve contributing photographers edited by twelve different editors has yielded a strong photographic work.

Many of the photos are black & white street-type shots. But there’s some nice color and portrait work as well. Most of the images are quite dramatic and poignant.

Not only is the selection of images very good, but the way they’ve been sequenced and layed out on the pages is very well done.

The photographers are: Guilia Bianchi, Mike Fernandez, Kirsty Griffin, Romina Hendlin, Mads Holm, Orly Kaufman, Monica Kapoor, Marily Konstantinopoulou, Pepe Rubio Larrauri, Evi Lemberger, Asmita Parelkar, and Benjamin Petit.

The photo editors are: Anna Bianchi, Doreen Blaffert, Carmen Brunner, Suzanne Coleman, Christine Gundelach, Josephine Kaatz, Antonia Kausch, Susanne Lindner, Thomas Ludwig, Ingmar Nehls, Carla Rosorius, and Frauke Schnoor.

You can see a full preview of the book by clicking the book cover image below!



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