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Sarah Ellis 2009 by Michael Grace-Martin

Back in late October of 2009, I did a fine art nude photo session with semi-famous fine art nude model Sarah Ellis. Sarah has posed for many photographers–famous (including people like Renée Jacobs and Terry Richardson) and not famous.

Our session went 3 hours, and in addition to shooting stills for those 3 hours, I also had a videographer shooting along side me.

Sarah Ellis (not her real name) was a joy to work with and very professional. I hope to work with her again someday, but it has become quite a bit more difficult since she moved away from Upstate New York out to Seattle, Washington.

Sarah Ellis Video

I’ve only posted a few short clips (just over a minute each) of that 3 hours of video at my YouTube channel. However, I’m offering one longer uncut version of a session we did in one of the bedrooms. It is approximately 21.5 minutes long and you will see and hear me and Sarah talking about different poses, angles, lighting, etcetera.

The video is a large (over 500 megabytes) 854×480 resolution digital file in .MP4 format–a video format that plays on most computers and devices. You can download and play it on your computer for $6.00. or “rent” and watch it for 30 days for just $3.00.
Sarah Ellis Photo Session: Video #4

Buy & Download for $6 or Rent for $3:

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Sarah Ellis Photo Prints

Want a more “physical” likeness of Sarah? I’ve chosen 15 of the most popular prints from the photo session and printed them as 15 full-bleed, gelatin sliver (professional Kodak) 4″x6″ prints and put them into their own convenient 4×6 clamshell box. You can open the box and slowly look through the stack of prints–much like you would with a high-quality photo book–for enjoyment, inspiration, and provocation at your own leisurely pace. I will ship anywhere in the US.

Here are thumbnails of the 15 photo prints (click to see larger):


Fifteen 4″x6″ Photo Prints in Clamshell Box: $29.95

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Sarah Ellis eBook

If you would like to see the photos we got in book form, you can purchase an ebook containing the best 72 photos from the session as awesome high-quality images for just $6.00. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Here is a low-resolution video preview of the eBook:

**** Fine Art Nude Photography eBook by Michael Grace-Martin

eBook in PDF Format: $6.00

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