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Last June (2013), I took a trip up to Lake George, New York to take photos of the Elvis Festival. I also figured I’d do some “street photography” (unrelated to the Elvis theme) while I was there.

Ironically, I ended up taking *way* more photos unrelated to the Elvis Festival than I did related! This was partially due to the Elvis Impersonators being mostly indoors (bars, an auditorium…and the auditorium was quite dark) and mostly singing & performing when they were visible.

I wasn’t really looking to take dark indoor shots or performance photos. I was more interested in the “Elvises” walking around town and interacting with people; but there wasn’t much of that, at least the day I was there.

In any case, I liked some of the ones I got and put them into the gallery below…:).

(BTW, you can purchase the camera + lens I used for this series in my Amazon Associates store. The small amount I make helps to support this website! Thanks…:)


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