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I enjoy running this website (yes, the one you’re at right now!). Others seem to enjoy what I’m doing as well, based on the kind and fabulous feedback you’ve given me over the years…:).

The only problem is it costs money for me to travel places to take photos and to hire models and rent locations for photo shoots, especially art nude shoots. And then there are the opportunity costs of working on this website when I should be mowing the lawn, paying bills, selling real estate, etc etc.

But how can this website generate any income in the age of an overwhelming supply of free Internet content??

I’ve tried selling prints, ebooks, cards and so on. I’ve had a little success, but nowhere near enough to rationalize the time I spend on this website.

People don’t need art prints, art books, or art cards in hard economic times.

Toilet paper. People need toilet paper (aka “bath tissue”) in both good and bad economic times.

Sarah Ellis 2009

Sarah Ellis in Bathroom 2009

So, here’s the proposition:

If you go to this link, you can buy toilet paper (which you were going to buy anyway, right?) while simultaneously helping to support this site!

You can also buy other household supplies if you’d like.

You’d be buying from my Amazon Associates’ store where they’ve got some of the best prices around regardless. A portion of your purchase goes to support this website.

It’s a win-win: you get that toilet paper you need anyway, while helping me bring you new and entertaining content each week!

It’s a much better deal than paying for a subscription to those old dusty Reader’s Digests stacked on the back of the toilet, don’t you think?…;)

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