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So I turned fifty this year (May 2012) and have thought about commemorating it (sort of) by doing a series of self-portraits.

Mike @ 50

However, I find myself with mixed ideas or purposes for this project.

One idea is to do a somewhat enigmatic, “tongue-in-cheek” series. The project would place me in a sequence of situations that would make sense for a 50 year-old man, though perhaps a bit skewed.

Mike @ 50 (enigmatic sample)

The other direction I was considering would be more narcissistic.

I’ve kept myself in relatively good shape for a man of 50 years old by visiting the gym a few times a week (for many years) and eating a mostly low-fat, vegetarian diet. So my thought was to do nudes or partial nudes taking advantage of this body in which I’ve invested so much time and care (especially before I get much older).

Mike @ 50 (nudity sample)

Mike @ 50 (nudity sample)

In any case, I’ll be attempting to do some sort of self-portrait project this year, and maybe–just maybe–I’ll end up with a cohesive series at year’s end!

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