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Every July, Trumansburg, New York hosts the GrassRoots Festival at its fairgrounds. It’s four days of music, drinking, dancing, eating, body painting, camping, meeting new people, and general debauchery. For the first time this year (July 2012), I was able to attend the festival for more than just a couple of hours.

I took almost two thousand photos over a day and a half (I posted 140+ of them in a later post); but my perspective fluctuated somewhat. I captured a mix of candid and posed photos, and my visual sense alternated between picking out purely candid expressions to noticing more artistic (at least to me) settings and compositions.

Due to this dynamic and changing sense, I am able to assemble significantly different collections of photos from this large set with little overlap between them.

For this series, I focused on some of the more deadpan, enigmatic shots I captured. To me, these are analogous to the types of jokes (in the arena of humor) that you enjoy at an intellectual level, rather the ones that make you laugh out loud.

I hope some of these bring a smile to your mind…:-).

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