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I decided to drive 3.5 hours away and spend a day photographing in Lake George, New York. Why?

I have been in Lake George previously, and it’s a touristy town with a whole heck of a lot of Americana going on. But this last weekend had an extra “oomph” to it: an Elvis Presley festival and an Americade motorcycle rally were both in town!

There was so much “Americana” going on, my head was spinning. I walked around for about 11 hours taking select photos of all the the people and activities. By the end, I had blisters on my feet, my leg joints ached and I consumed eight bottled and canned drinks (Red Bull, Gatorade, water and lemonade to name a few) because it was pretty hot and sticky; but it was definitely worth it…:).

I’m going to start with just street photography here. I broke off the Elvis photos and put them into another post.

(BTW, you can purchase the camera + lens I used for this series in my Amazon Associates store. The small amount I make helps to support this website! Thanks…:)


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