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You can buy a photographic print because: a) you like the photo and want to display it for your enjoyment, or b) because it is–or will be–worth more than you paid for it (i.e., as an investment). Of course, it’s possible you find a photo print that fits both these qualifications.

As a photographer, I’m realizing that even though having customers who buy your work for reason #a is quite nice, it’s really enabling #b to occur that’s ultimately going to pay off most for me and my customers.

And how do you get that to happen? That’s the trick, isn’t it…

>Two clues: 1) the “original” is not a digital image file, 2) the only remaining manifestations of the photo (even if it started as a digital image) are physical.

Note: I think offering limited edition prints of digital image files that will continue to exist may not be strong enough to establish “scarcity” for some photography investors.

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