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As usual, I took some photos of the annual Ithaca Festival parade while viewing it curbside with my family. Normally I use a DSLR with a zoom lens and take hundreds of photos. Then I edit the photos down, apply adjustments, and upload them to a gallery.

This year, I was sitting on a huge stack of photos that needed to be edited & adjusted from a paid gig when the parade came around and did not want to add hundreds more images to my “stack”.

So I put a wide angle prime lens on my micro 4/3 camera and limited myself to only images that fit this perspective. When you’re standing in a crowd along a parade route with a wide angle lens, it’s difficult not to get some of the crowd in your shots! I just went with it and figured it would have its own certain charm…;p.

I ended up taking relatively few photos and only decided to upload 20+ of my favorites.

After photographing so many events yielding so many photos to go through, this was a nice change…:-).

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