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I was thinking about the various factors that cause someone to want to purchase a photo (either as a print or a digital image). As a producer of photos, I thought it might be useful to try to list the various factors.

So here is my list of the factors that ‘move’ someone to purchase a photo:

1) it’s of them or a loved one
2) it’s of a place or thing that is personally meaningful to them
3) it inspires or in some way makes them feel good
4) it nicely fits or would be a good addition to their decor
5) it’s a good investment (expected to appreciate in value)
6) it supports (financially/emotionally) the maker of the photo
7) it’s to be used in the design of a product or marketing collateral
8) it’s to be used in a portfolio (to sell one’s services or expertise related to the photographed subject)

That’s my list so far. If you’ve got anything to add, please make suggestions in the comment section below!

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