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I attended a poetry reading yesterday (I was photographing the event), and I believe it was the genesis of the following…

Naked Boredom
More boredom
and even more, boredom.
Oh, hold on, naked
more naked
even more naked
hmmmm..naked subsiding
less naked
more boredom
only boredom

Blanketed by Perception
I blanketed them with my perception
my fuzzy blanket
the one that hides sharp corners.

Diary Entry
At the mall:
Must get away from this blathering Zoltar.

The Cleverest
He was the cleverest writer
Whatever he wrote was the most clever
And what he wrote…
never landed on paper.

Mass Culture
mass media
mass consumption
mass market
mass culture
mass = density
density = impenetrability
impenetrability = closed system
closed system = independence from input
..human input.

The Pudgy Critic
“Thumbs down”, he said.
“worst popcorn ever.”

(RIP R.E.)


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