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What possible “relationship” could I have with Madonna?

Well, nothing huge. But I discovered that Madonna was a student at the University of Michigan until 1978 when she dropped out and relocated to New York City. I was a student at the University of Michigan starting in 1980; I missed being there at the same time by about 2 years I guess.

Apparently in 1977, Madonna was a dance student and posed nude for photographer Herman Kulkens for some drinking money (or whatever).

When I took up photography about 9 years ago, I photographed various things: my kids, landscapes, weddings, and…students at my large local university (in Upstate New York). Some of those students were dancers, and some of the photos were nudes.

So, it’s not like I photographed Madonna nude back when she and I were students at the University of Michigan. I wasn’t doing photography back then and she and I missed being students there at the same time by about 2 years.

But all the “ingredients” are there–in a weird sort of way–that were the molecules of history stirred up in a slightly different way, me photographing Madonna nude while we were both students at U of M seems nearly plausible….:p.

Sounds to me like a good plot for the old Twilight Zone TV series, don’t ya think?

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