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Last June (2013), I finally photographed a short series I had first envisioned the previous Winter. We tried to shoot it in late March, but the model came down with a bad cold. Instead of shooting during that chilly day in March, I fleshed out the concept of the shoot a bit more.

When we finally photographed the series, we hit ten locations in two hours. I wanted to call this a “photography sprint” because: a) it described the quickness of covering 10 locations in a short period of time, and b) I liked the combination of “sprint” with “little red corset”, the latter being a play on a fast sports car (i.e., “little red corvette”).

However, I worried that this all made the title too long and was too much about the process…?

Here’s what it was supposed to be:

Little Red Corset Photography Sprint:
Navigating a Corporate Landscape

Of course “navigating” at least hints at travel and may be sufficient by itself.

I’ve got plans to print these large because they were taken outside with a wide angle lens and were always meant to place the model within an expansive scene. I think printing them large would best present them with the full impact the images were meant to have. The cost to print and mount these as 30″x45″ prints is pretty expensive; so I may have to do a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to make it happen.

Anyway, here’s a video of the likely final shots I want to print:


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