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Everyday Glam
(photos by Michael Grace-Martin)

The best I can tell, “glamour” is some blend of fashion and sex appeal. The amount of clothing involved can be very little (e.g., skimpy lingerie) or even nothing, or offer fairly comprehensive body coverage, as long as it does so in a sexually provocative manner. In all cases, glamour seems aimed at going beyond the “everyday” in a sexy and captivating direction.

Usually, glamour is associated with beautifully dressed people, striking dramatic and sexy poses in special circumstances, like fashion shoots, fashion shows, celebrity events, or fancy balls to name a few.

But what if glamour were combined with everyday tasks and events, like taking the garbage can to the curb or sweeping the kitchen floor? What if it wasn’t just for exclusive occasions when people are getting together to hobnob with others all trying to look their sexy best?

What you would have, my friends, is Everyday Glam: Glamour as an antidote to everyday life.

(Modeling Credits: Parker Day, Nikki Holland, Amanda Marie, Jaime Warburton, and a few others..)

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