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I sometimes try to talk my children into going to the local art museum, and they usually respond with “Nah” or “No Thanks”.

Well, it was my birthday the other day and I used the ‘leverage’ of it being my birthday to suggest we make a little visit to that art museum and then go out to dinner at a local restaurant. Even though they were predictably underwhelmed by my proposal, they obediently went along to appease the birthday boy‘s request.

Even though I’m not one of these photographers that always has his camera with him, I almost always have a camera when I visit an art museum. Most art museums allow you to take photos if you don’t use a flash. (Sometimes, they’ll have restricted exhibits where they don’t allow *any* photography; but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.)

It’s not taking straight-up photos of each piece of artwork that I enjoy (most of the museum goers I see seem to be doing this), but rather looking for interesting juxtapositions of different artworks with each other, with respect to the museum’s architecture, in relation to the people visiting or working at the museum, or just a different distorting perspective. In short, I’m looking for any interesting compositions that catch my eye.

Here are a few shots I took during my latest visit for/during my birthday…:-).

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