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I like finding & making quirky photos when I shoot street photography. The annual GrassRoots Festival in Trumansburg, NY always has lots of quirkiness. So I have been attending the GrassRoots Festival over the past few years looking to make quirky photos.

You might say: “Well, that doesn’t seem like much of a challenge if the subject matter is already quirky!”. I would say that’s a very good point. But then I would add, “how about unintentional quirkiness at a quirky event? There’s still that!”.

In any case, I enjoy the oddities at the GrassRoots Festival each year and the challenge of making photos that don’t look like all the other Grassroots photos being taken by the other 100 or so photographers with press passes at the event each year (ok, maybe it just seems like that many…:p).

Some of these photos aren’t that quirky, but I like them anyway. The great thing about photographing the festival is I’m totally on my own without a shot list.

Here’s an initial smattering. I’ll be adding more much later this Summer into early Fall…:-).

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