It’s good to keep an eye on all the different stuff that’s being done with photography out in the world.

Recently, I was made aware of a Tumblr site called “Fast & Furious Burger” that features outrageous photos (some manipulated, some not) featuring hamburgers in all kinds of strange & interesting scenarios and configurations.

The particular one I saw featured (not too surprisingly) was this one:

Burger Crypté

The Huffington Post called it “Food Porn“. Yep.

The Brunchger

Even though I’m a vegetarian, I can enjoy and be creatively inspired by the nutty photographic creativity going on at this website. But it doesn’t have to be “pornographic” to be good..

(note: “food porn” doesn’t necessarily require images of sex or large-breasted women; but obviously the proprietors of the Fast & Furious Burger website aren’t trying very hard to keep them separated..)

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